Major General
Ernest N. Harmon

Major General
Edward H. Brooks

Major General
Isaac D. White

Brigadier General
John H. Collier

Pvt. Delbert Stevens
702nd TD Battalion

Second Armored Division Booklet Published 1945. Distributed to the 702nd Tank Destroyer Battalion and 195th Anti-Aircraft Battalion


Letter of Commendation

Second Armored Saved American Armies from Being Cut in Two. by Hal Boyle

Second Armored Troops Are "Americans at Their Most Magnificent." by Stanley Baron

Panzers Rampaged for 50 Miles Before "Hell on Wheels" Smashed Nazi Drive. by Hal Boyle

Nazis Smoked, Blasted Out of Samree In Pre Dawn Attack. by Tom Yarbrough

Suddenly a Little, Pink-Faced Man With A Balding Pate Bounced Into the Room. General Ernest N. Harmon. by Roland C. Gask

Belgian Press Pays Tribute to Second Armored for Miracle at Celles. by Paul M.G. Levy

Second Armored Drove Back Massed Tigers, Panthers in Roer River Battle. by Jack Bell

Second Shattered Siegfried Line Like Wrecking Crews Attacking a Greenhouse. by Wes Gallagher



Order of Battle. Enemy Divisions and Units Encountered Since Normandy Landing

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In Memory of my father, Pvt. Delbert Stevens. Co. A. 702nd Tank Destroyer Battalion. Twice wounded in France. 1919-1984. Check out his photo below.

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2nd Armored Division. "Hell On Wheels" Site by Howard L. and Lon P. Swonger

2nd Armored Division. "Hell On Wheels" Living Historian Site

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